Passiflora foetida PASSIONFLOWER Exotic SEEDS!

Passiflora foetida PASSIONFLOWER Exotic SEEDS!. Here are seeds of one of Passiflora foetida. Passiflora foetida is rated as hardy to USDA zone 8 or 9. depending on the source. Passiflora foetida...

Passiflora foetida PASSIONFLOWER Exotic SEEDS!

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We have provided Qurbani / Udhiyah Service in the GTA for over 5 years and have now brought this service online to reach more of our community.

Qurbani is Compulsory (Waajib) for every Muslim male and female who:

  • Has attained puberty
  • Is of sound mind (not insane)
  • Possesses Nisaab for that moment in time, not necessarily for one Islamic calendar year (Nisaab is the value of excess wealth which makes a Muslim liable for Zakaah i.e. The possession of, or equivalent capital value of seven and half tolas gold (87.48 grams) or fifty two tolas of silver (612.32 grams)

The Qurbani Animal also has to fulfill some of these basic conditions:

  • Lamb / Sheep, either male or female, if six months old and over, the animal must look like one year old. Lamb / Sheep that are one year old and over are preferred for sacrifice.
  • Cow, Ox or Buffalo, of at least two years old. These animals count as seven shares.
  • The Animal cannot have any physical disability such as bad or impaired vision, extremely weak animal etc.

We take reservations for the Qurbani or Udhiyah from about a month in advance.  We will also collect information of what day and what time you would like the meat to be delivered or picked up. On the day of Qurbani, we ourselves offer prayer at the local masjid and head to the slaughterhouse for the slaughtering of the animals on that day.  Ontario Health Ministries only allow shipping out of fresh same day carcases for the Qurbani purpose.  We bring back all the orders to our Mississauga location.  If you join us at the slaughterhouse, you will be able to load up your own vehicle and bring it for faster service as well as getting involved in this beautiful tradition of the Prophet Ibraheem (A.S).

Once the meat has arrived at our butcher shop located in Mississauga. when they come to various butcher shop in GTA, you will provide us with instructions about how the meat should be cut and bagged.  It is a common practice to divide the Qurbani into 3 portions:

  1.        For the Poor and Under Privileged,
  2.        For close family and friends
  3.        For your home

Our customers often leave the donation portion with us to distribute which is delivered to the Muslim Welfare Centre.

Deliveries will be made the day following eid afternoon.  Same day pick ups can be arranged upon request.

Ferduse Bari
President, GTA Qurbani

Passiflora foetida PASSIONFLOWER Exotic SEEDS!

Passiflora foetida PASSIONFLOWER Exotic SEEDS!

Exotic SEEDS! Passiflora foetida PASSIONFLOWER, Passiflora foetida is rated as hardy to USDA zone 8 or 9, depending on the source, Passiflora foetida,Here are seeds of one of Passiflora foetida,Compare Lowest Prices,Products with Free Delivery,Shop Now,Both comfortable and chic,Enjoy free shipping on all orders! foetida PASSIONFLOWER Exotic SEEDS! Passiflora, Passiflora foetida PASSIONFLOWER Exotic SEEDS!.