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But we’re focused on trying to correct things we didn’t do well against Notre Dame. You can take little things from [the first game against BC], but not too much. Both teams have changed a lot in a positive way.”. Netherland dwarf rabbits or polish rabbits as they’re alternately called, are a small breed of bunnies that are round in shape, with a face to match and have short stubby ears. They weigh in only at about 0.9kg and are extremely fragile a breed to handle. Kids of a certain age aren’t advised to take care of these rabbits, being extremely delicate animals, with the fear of them dropping it down from a height.

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Waikato came out of the gates fast, with winger Doug Wilson scoring after just 49 seconds. Monkley would score two more tries for them before the half time whistle rang, with Waikato 26 3 ahead. Collins and Gatland both scored the final forty too, as few Lions left the game with much credibility intact..

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